What it does.
It calculates the position and 3D angles of a face in a single picture or a webcam stream. This information can be used to place 3D objects onto the image or to control an app via head movements.

Develop powerful "every face is a marker" Augmented Reality apps in Adobe® Flash®.

Core Features.
true markerless AR -
"Every Face Is A Marker"
no need to print images
realtime face detection & tracking
3D pose estimation with
6DoF - (35° each side)
calculates face feature positions
(eg. eyes, lips, nose)
use pupillary distance (PD) to fit the size of virtual glasses
works with photos and webcam streams - you decide
completely Flash-based - no other plugins are necessary
use it with Adobe® Flash® Player 10.1 - Stage3D support
easy integration of Flare3D, Away3Dlite and Away3D
ideal for the web - the core library is only 1.5 MB
Available downloads and licenses:
Read about them in our FAQ or have a look at the EULA.
Trial license
Free for personal use only.
Licenses for other fields of application upon request.
Commercial licenses
for shops, advertising campaigns etc.
Beyond Reality Face is a product of
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IN2AR - Natural feature tracker
an Adobe Flash AS3 Library to
detect images and estimate their pose.