Easy to use cross platform
Face Tracking

Develop apps for the web, mobile and desktop using Actionscript or HTML5/Javascript.
The trial SDK ships with examples to get you started in no time.

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Please choose your demo. (HTML5 needs a browser with WebRTC support).


Adobe AIR/Flash

For Actionscript devs we offer a SWC and an ANE library. Thanks to the unified API you will be able to deploy your app on web, desktop and mobile via Adobe AIR. Also keep in mind, that not all browser are able to utilize webcams without the help of the Flash plugin.


For all of you working at the cutting edge of browser capabilities:
Our Javascript SDK delivers real time Face Tracking in Chrome and Firefox using getUserMedia, Canvas or WebGL. It also shares the unified API, so creating an Actionscript fallback should be really easy.

Mobile apps

NXT is designed to run in real time on mobile devices as well. Actionscript developers are able to create stunning iOS and Android apps thanks to our lightweight Adobe AIR native extension.
Currently we are also supporting native iOS apps. (Android follows soon)


If you need an easy to use Face Tracking in your booth or desktop app, don't look any further. The NXT SDK has a simple API and the examples will get you started in no time.

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These are the TOP reasons, why you should use our SDK:

easy to use

Easy to set up and use.
(Download the trial SDK and get started using the included examples.)

accurate tracking

Real time tracking of facial features.
(individual points, rotation, scale, positon in 3D)

cross platform

Cross platform
(Target web, desktop and mobile utilizing our unified API.)

How it works:

Find a face, ...

The first step is to detect a face in an image or webcam stream. NXT will return a rectangle, that marks the found face.

... extract its features, ...

As the second step NXT analyses the face using a morphable shape with individual feature points. You have complete access to the position of the eyes, nose, mouth and face outline.

... estimate head movement ...

The third step involves the estimation of the 3D position, rotation and scale of the head. The tracking is stable even while fast head movements.

... and utilize the information

Use all the tracking data to place virtual object, like glasses or hats (virtual mirror) or control an app by looking for special triggers, like an eye blink, mouth chewing or a simple smile.

Btw. No face/webcam/image data is sent anywhere, this real time tracking is completely done locally.